You are probably familiar with the story of Laika, the world’s first astronaut dog to explore space, in 1957. What you may not know is the never before revealed story of Alpha the Dog – a mutt sent on a secret mission ten years after Laika’s trip.

In 1967, scientists discovered Planet X, a Earth-like planet lurking beyond Pluto with high probability of Alien life...

The Mission:
Land on Planet X

May 15th, 1967

Scientists believed that Planet X had the perfect conditions to host Alien life forms. Alpha the Dog, a friendly mutt from the space program, was enlisted for this long and dangerous space journey. Any Alien encounter with a friendly dog would have a higher chance of success than with any human.

Alpha in Space

July 28th, 1967

On July 28th 1967, a mild morning in the Mojave Desert, Alpha the Dog was successfully launched into space.

Zero Gravity Training

August 12th, 1968

To complete his training, Alpha the Dog arrived at the Z-8 Space Station revolving around earth’s orbit. There he remained for 6 months to adapt to the zero gravity conditions, and complete a final training before continuing to Planet X.

Destination Planet X

February 16th, 1968

After the 6 months of training, Alpha put on his helmet, entered his capsule, and headed to Planet X. Two long years of travel awaited Alpha... What could possibly be out there?

Lost in the darkness

March 1st, 1970

As Alpha’s capsule was approaching Planet X, an unforeseen space Wormhole pulled him into the darkness.

All communication was lost...|

... And never again was any contact made with Alpha.

Somewhere in the Pacific…

May 26th, 2015

Forty-five years later, after a deep dive mission in the Pacific, divers found Alpha’s capsule, the one scientists believed had been lost in space forever. Alpha’s body was never found.

However, inside the capsule, divers did find three things:

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A ultra durable alien material

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The Capsule’s Black Box

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An encrypted message


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